What Happens When You Get Older?

Firstly, girls don’t respond to your manly stares as they did in the past. Then, you would realize that your eating habits need to be changed, modified and improved. Why?... Read more

NOVEMBER 9, 2018   | BLOG

Truth about Exercise and Breakfast

Good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can go hand to hand. Your body is the only place to live in, so focus on your health more and a less on... Read more

OCTOBER 11, 2018   | BLOG

First Time Fitness- 10 pro Tips for Beginners

Fitness should be a part of our daily life. Fitness doesn’t mean growing big muscles or having a curvy body, it means being active, and flexible all the time. Everybody... Read more

OCTOBER 10, 2018   | BLOG

Wellness kitchen at Kaizen Fitness

‘The belly rules the mind’- anonymous It is actually the truth of life because Food is life! Most of our occasion are centered on good food. Well, sometimes food can.. Read more

OCTOBER 10, 2018   | BLOG